COBankruptcyLaw Map

The map below shows the following bankruptcy-related locations in Denver, Colorado. Additional information, including parking suggestions, is available below the map.
  •  U.S. Bankruptcy Court 
  •  341 Meeting of Creditors 
  •  Chapter 13 Trustee Sally J. Zeman's office 
  •  Chapter 13 Trustee Douglas B. Kiel's office 
Clicking on a colored pin or line in the map will open a window with more information. Using map tools, you can change the appearance, zoom in and out, and move around within the map. The Google gadget below is preset to provide directions to my office in a separate view, which can be modified for directions to any other location. After clicking on "get directions," a security warning states that you are leaving my secure web site and that any address entered is being sent unencrypted to Google Maps, so you can view, modify and print a map with directions by car, bus, bike or walking.